Athletic Fields

Football and soccer fields are where Latitude really shines! It easily withstands mowing heights as low as 0.50 inches and its extremely dense biomass withstands abuse like no other bermudagrass. When divots and wear do occur, its rapid recovery rate allows it to quickly fill in and recover.

Lannigan Field – University of Virginia

Jesse Pritchard at the University of Virginia chose Latitude as the grass surface for Lannigan Field,  Virginia’s track and field complex.   On April 23,2012, Jesse said , “ The Latitude is gorgeous; the bermudagrass field looks like it’s 100% ryegrass.”

In April 2012, the Baltimore Ravens upgraded one of their practice fields to Latitude.  Head groundskeeper Don Follett said, “The Latitude looks like it could be as good as Tifway 419, but able to survive our transition zone winters.”

Latitude can be installed not only as sod, but quickly and inexpensively as sprigs because its rapid establishment rate allows a field to go from planting to playing in less than 90 days! Latitude sod from Oakwood Sod Farm is compatible with today’s sand based, quick drainage fields because it is grown on soil with a minimum sand content of 85%.

If you choose to use sod, it will be delivered by flatbed truck if within 400 miles of our farm. For customers more than 400 miles away we arrange delivery in temperature controlled trailers to insure freshness and quality of product. Our staff is experienced in all the logistics of long distance shipping and delivery and can easily handle all the details for you!

Exceptional Cold Tolerance

Fine Textured Blade

Earlier Spring Green Up

Excellent Overall Turf Quality

Transitional Bermudagrass

Excellent Wear Tolerance

Rapid Divot Recovery

Excellent Density Rating